About Primo HD
Primo HD designing and creating stunning logos

I am a Youtuber that has worked hard and has now got this channel so join me on my adventure through videos and lots more. This is going to be awesome. to show your support smash that (subscribe) button and hit bell notifications for all of my latest and greatest content.

Jacks Mission

My mission is to create great content and great logos to help market your brand and help get you online and find your own niche 


I have a mentor and partner in Business. Glen will help me when I need help.

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan is still at school learning graphic design, he's a young techie with a love of design and hard work he is headed for great creative things in the years to come.

Jack loves his work

Jack has grown up with technology, living is this modern world Jack is starting his career early with a plan to have his own successful business before he leaves school so with a little help Logos and Designs was launched.